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Digital PR is more than getting you mentioned in the Mail Online…although we can do that, too. Brand-led insight and storytelling - it's the perfect combination to improve your online engagement and SEO performance.

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Digital PR done right...

What is Digital PR?

In short, it’s a way of using tried and tested PR tactics to support your digital business goals, like SEO performance, audience engagement, brand awareness and e-commerce.

Digital PR the Hatch Way

We know Digital PR isn’t just about getting links and ranking in first position, it’s so much more. It’s about people.

Our approach to Digital PR puts your brand and audience front and centre. What’s the point in ranking at the top of the search engines if no one knows who you are?

We use our extensive experience in understanding brands and their audiences to build a strategy which has real impact. Increasing awareness, improving brand sentiment, building on share of voice and securing valuable links to increase rankings and visibility.

The Impact of Digital PR

From driving engagement with audiences online to increasing visibility in search engines, we can help at each stage of your Digital PR journey, devising a strategy that works for your business goals.

We can help with everything from audits through to delivery and everything in between, providing real insights and tangible results along the way.


Your Success is Our Success

Gone are the days of PR success being based on the volume of coverage alone. We report on metrics that are the most important to a brand, from links and traffic to share of search and rankings, and everything in between.

As well as thorough and effective reporting, we also offer a range of one-off audits to show you the current state of play, so you can either take it away and deliver yourself or work with us to implement improvements.

What we do


PR is at the very heart of what we do and we’re proud of this fact. Our media knowledge and journalist contacts are second to none.

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People forget what is said or done, but they always remember how they are made to feel. Our public relations background has taught us that the best experiences use stories to connect with people on different levels.

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