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Is Your Brand Performing?

Audits are the first step in understanding exactly what your brand’s marketing priorities should be, and we’re on-hand to help.

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Why audits matter

Creating all-singing strategies for PR, brand or social activity before we’ve reviewed the current situation is like building a house without foundations. We need to make sure that everything is in good working order to allow the results to be fully maximised, which is why we invest in tools that allow us to get into the nitty gritty data.

Once you know where you sit in the market, what consumers think of you and where competitors see success, you can be confident that your activity is built on substance, generating real business value.

Our tiered audits can either be one-off reviews for you to take away and decide how to action, or they can form phase one of us working together in the long term.

Brand Audits

A report on the volume and sentiment of brand mentions and press coverage for your brand vs competitors, showing share of voice and priority publications.

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It’s important to know where you sit in an often crowded media landscape, so our brand audits are designed to show strengths and opportunities for your brand vs your competitors. Our brand audit will show you:

  • The volume of brand mentions and coverage vs competitors
  • The sentiment of mentions and coverage
  • Which publications are engaging with you and your competitors
  • Share of Voice

A full overview and recommendations will be provided so that you can either implement with your internal team, or speak to us about a full strategy.

Social Media Audits

Whether it’s organic or paid, TikTok or Twitter, our social media experts will review everything needed to provide you with best practice recommendations for maximising your social media strategy.

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If you’re looking to improve your output on social, a social media audit is a great way to get a better understanding of the effectiveness of your current strategy, or competitor activity, and build a better picture of your audience.

Whether you’re wanting to completely revamp your social media strategy, start from scratch or simply make small tweaks to improve performance, our team of social media experts can take a deep dive across your channels to give you a clear and actionable insights to improve your social media marketing efforts.

This includes looking at which channels will work best for your audiences, how new channels like TikTok can completement wider sales strategies, and how much you should be spending on paid social media.

Digital PR & Web Audits

Is your audience predominantly online but you don’t know how to reach them? Maybe your SEO is falling behind vs. your competitors? We’ll find the source of the problem and provide a bespoke strategy.

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Our Digital PR audits will tell you everything you need to know about the current status of your online audience engagement and link profile health, giving you all the information you need to decide what the best next step is for your brand and how to see a better impact.

Mini Site Audit

  • Traffic Performance Review – we’ll provide an overview of organic traffic over time, highlighting peaks and troughs, key moments and insight on traffic drivers and sources.
  • Top-level stats such as Domain Rating, Number of Ranking Keywords, Bounce Rate, Time on Site and New/Return Visitors

Full Site Audit

  • All of the Mini Audit inclusions, plus:
  • SEO Content Audit – a review of onsite content to see what is and isn’t working from a User Experience perspective and for Google. We will provide recommendations on any updates, additions or removals
  • Link Gap Analysis to show what links your website does not have vs competitors
  • Site Health Audit – a report of any errors and issues with the site from a technical perspective, such as broken pages, failed redirects, orphaned pages and slow site speed

Audience Audits

Want to know who your audience is? Maybe you know who they are but you want to know more about them. Or, perhaps you're looking to target a whole new market and you need to know what engages them. There’s a lot we can find out about people. Maybe too much…

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We can see what major purchase decisions they plan to make in the next 3 months, and what minor products they have bought in the previous month.

We can see what groceries end up in their big shop each month, how many people dye their hair and which cities are still committed to buying CDs.

We can view what their lifestyle indicators are, such as how many donate to charity, how often they visit the cinema, and how many take public transport.

We can look at which brands they engage with across various sectors, including:

  • Retailers
  • Soft Drink & Alcohol Brands
  • Convenience Food Brands (fast food)
  • Fashion Brands
  • Haircare and Beauty Brands
  • Car Brands

Plus lots more. We’ll review the endless data available to us to build a bigger picture of your audience’s daily lifestyle, in order to suggest relevant and impactful activity, strategies and partnerships that we know will work.

To speak to us about an audit for your brand, social media channels or website please drop us an email at hello@hatch.group or via the contact form.